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For one of our Partner, we are looking for a Backend Developer (Node.js) – GCP Environment. We are seeking a skilled and motivated Backend Developer with expertise in Node.js, responsible for developing and maintaining microservices of our Client’s applications within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. The primary focus will be to ensure high-performance and responsiveness of our Client’s backend systems, while collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver robust and scalable solutions. Qualifications: A degree in Computer Science or a related field is required. 4-5 years of previous working experience Previous experience in Telco industry is preferred . Responsibilities: Backend Development : Design, develop, and maintain efficient and reliable server-side code using Node.js and related technologies. Build scalable and reusable backend components to support various applications and services. API Development : Design and implement RESTful APIs and microservices to facilitate seamless communication between the frontend and backend systems. Ensure API design follows best practices, is well-documented, and provides excellent user experience. Database Integration : Work with databases (such as Google Cloud Firestore and Cloud SQL) to store and retrieve data efficiently. Optimize database performance, ensure data integrity, and implement appropriate caching mechanisms. Cloud Platform Integration : Collaborate with the DevOps team to deploy backend services and APIs on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Utilize GCP services like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Google Cloud Functions for seamless scaling, monitoring, and maintenance. Testing and Debugging : Write automated tests (unit, integration, and end-to-end) to ensure the quality and stability of the backend codebase. Conduct thorough debugging and troubleshooting to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, bugs, and other issues. Performance Optimization : Continuously improve the performance and scalability of backend systems by optimizing code, implementing caching strategies, and fine-tuning database queries. Monitor and analyze system metrics to identify areas for improvement. Collaboration and Communication : Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, including frontend developers, product managers, and UI/UX designers, to understand requirements and deliver high-quality solutions. Clearly communicate technical concepts and ideas to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Language Skills: English fluency is required Location & Travel: Remote work Travel in UK potentially required 1-2 times every quarter.

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